Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Big honkin' commit now available ...

Posted by Tom Jackson on

I was able to install the data model into pg up to the "Completing Install" message, right after the skins package. I'm not sure if this is the official failure point, but here is how I got to that point.

  • Download and install the most recent PostgreSQL Release Candidate (today: RC3) from
  • Refer to the steps in the previous post on downloading openacs-4 and installing the nsxml module.
  • Download the pgdriver from SourceForge:
    cvs login
    (press enter at the password prompt)
    cvs -z3 co driver-2.3
  • Edit the acs/aolserver configuration file to include the parameter for the psql binary file. This was mis-stated in a recent bboard posting. Here is what I used:

    So pgbin is the full path to your just installed psql binary. Remember to end the path with a slash.

  • Startup your aolserver and visit the pageroot.