Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS Developer tools

Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
new release of openacs tools, from now on all files related these
tools can be gotten from

(my last post has several typo errors, doh).

included in this release are AcsPackageInfoWriter which generates a
set of html pages of package info for browsing and options to the
AcsSqlExtractor to write html output of the sql statements.

also new in this release are dependencies for the new features. the
core sql extractor that writes to xml does not need these but to use
other features you will need to install some python packages.

AcsPackageInfoWriter requires PyXML, DocumentTemplate, and DateTime
AcsSqlExtractor with html output requires DocumentTemplate

because these packages are incompatible with the GPL (which i'm
releasing the tool under), i can't bundle them with it.

i've made a tarball of the DocumentTemplate and DateTime packages
which are at the download location listed above.

PyXML can be gotten from

i'm done adding new features to the tools for a little while, only
bug fixes and customization of the current features.

so now i'm going to start working on the port, starting with
templating, and then porting over the datamodel for ecommerce4 and
workflow. i'm primarily focused on the sql models for package
porting so if anyone wants to work with me on the tcl, let me know
(esp. the ecommerce4 package which is incomplete).

btw. i'm being paid to work on the openacs4 port for now, so if
anyone needs some help with something let me know.