Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS Developer tools

Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on

its already packaged so you don't need the support libs unless you
specifically use features that require it. which are namely the
package info html generator or the extractor WITH html generation. the
default extractor with xml generation does NOT require the support libs.

i accidently left enabled the html generation in the default
configuration for the extractor which requires the document templates.
turning this off in the config (by commenting it out) will remove the
need for the document templates.

as far as what to work on, its quickly becoming apparent that we need
a package by package break down of who is doing what, and we need it
soon. exchange by private email and geographically restricted meetings
is not cutting it, we need this info publicly available on the web. so
two of the three packages i stated above seem to have prior
commitments, thats fine by me. but this info should be known so work
isn't duplicated and effort wasted.

i'm installing the openacs4 at the moment, and i'm planning on writing
up an install guide based on my experiences.