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Posted by Don Baccus on
Kapil ... I just started talking to folks about package assignments via e-mail about five or six hours ago.  I don't think it's terribly fruitful to post every question I put to an individual here on the bboard.  Group discussions - yes.  Individual posts - that's way too much detail.  Dan informed me sometime yesterday or early this AM that  he was going to start in on acs-workflow, because the content repository has a dependency on it.

Jon Griffin is going to look into acs-notification.  He and I exchanged e-mails just a few hours ago (see above).

So ... give folks a chance to get back to me before you demand that I summarize everyone's answers in public, OK?  It's hard to summarize responses that have yet to hit my e-mail inbox.

For the record,
you didn't answer my question as to whether or not you wanted to work on templating for FIVE DAYS (I posted it on April 3rd).  The fact that  I turned elsewhere FIVE DAYS after asking you in public and getting no response either in public or via private e-mail isn't really an indication that I'm plotting in secret to assign packages to  others behind your back or whatever.

As soon as we figure out exactly how we're going to structure the tree and how we'll decide who can commit where I will work on getting a list of who is doing exactly what and on which package.

I can't move forward on this sub-issue until I hear from Ben, and he's  incommunicado this weekend.  I'm sure he'll get back to me on Monday and we'll get things figured out and published by Wednesday.  The machine belongs to his company so questions about access are by nature  going to be his to make, not the group.

Cut us a little slack, Kapil.  I wasn't going to mention that it took you FIVE DAYS to get back to me on my question about templating, but if you're going to slap me around in public I'm going to slap back!

As I mentioned in my e-mail to you regarding the query extractor, it looks like a great starting point but there are some additional things that could be done that would make it even better.  The extractor's a great idea, I really appreciate your doing it, and when improved it is  going to remove a tremendous amount of tedious work from our plate.

This is where you can really help us the most at the moment.  At the moment Ben (or I if he doesn't have time tomorrow) need to modify the query dispatcher to allow the rdbms to be spec'd in the queryset as a default, and the extractor needs to build them that way.  As I mentioned, you don't need to build the list of bindvars unless -bind is used, and querytype is no longer needed.