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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
There have been several important developments with AOLserver over the past few weeks that I thought were worth repeating in this forum for anyone who doesn't subscribe to the AOLserver mailing list.

1) Dossy Shiobara has taken over as AOLserver Project Leader.  He has been an AOL employee for several months I think, and was a particularly active member of the community for several years before joining AOL.  Dossy is working fulltime on AOLserver, unlike previous project leaders who had additional responsibilities.  Dossy has always impressed me with his energy, openness, and helpfulness, and I think he will do a terrific job in this new role.

2) Dossy has put forward a roadmap outlining some short-term goals for AOLserver; you can read it at  There was much discussion on the mailing list of several of these goals, the extent of Java integration that is desirable was controversial.

3) One of the top priorities recently has been updating the documentation for AOLserver 4 on the Wiki.  The TCL API has gotten the most attention.  If you have time to document a command or several, please do!  It is easy and can even be educational - for example, I just learned that you can initialize an ns_set with key-value pairs in ns_set create.  (In 4.0 anyway, not certain when that was added.)

4) AOLserver 4.0.5 has been released, minor updates.

5) Weekly AOLserver chats should be starting up again, there are updated instructions on the site, which is also being updated.

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Posted by Mark Aufflick on
I just updated a few tcl proc docs - it's super easy.

We should all make sure we support the AOLServer effort, it's such a fantastic environment (says one who is currently doing a lot of mod_perl/apache development ... forked servers are a pain :(

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Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Agree with Mark.  And Jamie, this was awesome, thanks!