Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS Developer tools

Posted by Don Baccus on
so now i'm going to start working on the port, starting with templating, and then porting over the data model for ecommerce4 and workflow. i'm primarily focused on the SQL models for package porting so if anyone wants to work with me on the Tcl, let me know
At the risk of sounding more irked than I am...

Look, folks, anarchy isn't going to cut it.

Kapil, complaining that I'm not properly telling folks who is working on what while suggesting folks e-mail YOU rather than ME if they want to work on ecommerce isn't very productive.

If you want me to do a better job organizing this project, don't make my job harder by suggesting folks circumvent me. In seems rather unfair that you slap me because you don't feel the process is open enough while simultaneously working to make that job harder for me.

Likewise, don't just simply announce "I'm going to work on workflow" without checking with me first. If you'd checked with me I would've told you that Dan was working on it. For the record, Dan checked with me first to make sure that no one else had picked it up, just as he did for the acs-content-repository.

No one else is picking up ecommerce4 at this point, so you're more than welcome to it, and I'll put you down for it.