Forum OpenACS Development: Re: How to handle dotlrn-specific changes in core?

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
My comment about forking was strictly ment to reflect the situation where you take core API and replace it with something else that is not maintained by the OpenACS core.

I'm a little bit reluctant to agree that we should change OpenACS core code to reflect that there is .LRN. In my opinion we should have a core code that does not need to know about application specific things like .LRN. After all, what happens if .WRK or .KNW or any other vertical application wants to do the same. It's more a clean code and design approach, which may or may not be able to survive taken into account the various needs put on the core.

If we use callbacks with service contracts that might be a solution, as this would make the core API independent from the *specific* application.