Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Big honkin' commit now available ...

Posted by Don Baccus on
Are you sure you've got the right path to PSQL specified in your
.tcl init file that's read by OpenNSD on startup?  Are you sure that the command will execute if you run it as the same user you're running OpenNSD as?

I ask because at one point I had silent non-loading of the datamodel due to filtering out all but "ERROR" lines from running PSQL in db_source_sql_file (or whatever it is called).  Turns out that was not  a very good idea given the fact that PSQL will also return FATAL error lines :)

I filter these out so you don't get a bazillian NOTICE and messages along with other PSQL stuff dumped  on your screen as error messages ...

Come to think of it, I'm not certain I've committed that change as I've been saving some APM changes to submit as one fell swoop.  I'll look into this later today ... for now you can look at 10-database-procs-postgresql.tcl and strip out the filtering of PSQL output and you'll see everything PSQL emits.