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Posted by Abelardo Pardo on

We're currently producing several courses in the context of the E-LANE project based on DocBook (a URL with the link to browse through it will follow shortly). The methods being used range from the OpenOffice solution Roca mentioned in

to an HTML to DocBook filter (tidy) which gives us a partially correct DocBook file from a given HTML.

The path: MS Word -> OpenOffice -> DocBook works up to a point. Fancy things such as tables don't go through that well yet. I'm guessing that over time, this path will improve its capabilities.

No direct and robust MSWord (or MS Tools for that matter) to DocBook has been found yet (some ideas in

Once in DocBook, Reload allows you to create a SCORM Compliant package, which by the way, uploads seamlessly through LORS.

So, the moral is perhaps that, although far from being at the point in which a clean DocBook is obtained effortlessly, the current tools get you fairly close to that. Once in DocBook, the path SCORM -> LORS seems fairly solid.