Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Big honkin' commit now available ...

Posted by Edmund Lian on
<blockquote>>Are you sure you've got the right path to PSQL specified in your .tcl init file that's read by OpenNSD on startup?<<

Ahhh!!! This is sort of the problem... Thank you!!! It turns out that the debs for PG do not modify the systemwide /etc/profile scripts to set the PG variables for users by default.

Been having some correspondence with Elphick about this. It's deliberate since he feels it is not appropriate to force this on all users. All PG users on Debian systems will have to source /etc/postgresql/postgresql.env

As an aside for other Debian users, the identd daemon must be installed on a Debian system to allow defined PG users (including the postgres superuser) access to the db without password authentication.

The kernel data model loaded, but PL/pgSQL doesn't seem to have be installed even though it should have been. Will post an update for others once I figure it out.