Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to pg_dump 7.1RC2 problems

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Hi Pascal,

I see that PG is up to RC4. Before you "...test the pg_dump/restore cycle for 7.1...."

YOu may want to upgrade to RC4

From the RC2 to RC3 changelog:

2001-04-04 22:50  tgl
* src/bin/pg_dump/pg_dump.c: pg_dump needs to use ONLY when
selecting data from user tables, in case they have children.  
As it stood, -d dump mode was badly broken.

2001-04-04 02:47  pjw
* src/bin/pg_dump/: pg_backup_archiver.h, pg_dump.c: 
Don't dump CHECK constraints with same source and 
names both starting with '$'.

2001-04-03 04:52  pjw
* src/bin/pg_dump/: common.c, pg_backup_archiver.h, 
pg_dump.c, pg_dump.h: - Handle overridden attrs as 
per discussions 2-Apr-2001
- Dump CHECK constraints in OID order