Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: General-Comments with Edit-This-Page?

Posted by Lachlan Myers on
I presume the code should go in etp-gc?
Posted by Orzenil Silva Junior on

It is a doubt for me :)

I'm really a newbie in OpenACS programming - maybe I am just a little competent administrator for dotLRN communities I help maintain here in Brazil. I'm a free software movement fan and a amateur programmer - just for fun not by profession (I'm a teacher).

Thats ok. I modify the code in etp-gc distributed in etp package once original one didnt work - so I put upvar into proc (as I learned from TCL/TK practical programming book) and other minor changes as I said. Still didnt work: requesting etp:get_gc_link from my modified etp (in /www/templates/news-content.tcl) I got an error.

So I change name from etp-gc to etp-gc-procs and put this file under "watch". Thats ok now. Cancel wath.

Could you teach me how it could work with code in etp-gc? I will appreciate your help. Thanx.

Nima, thanx for your guidelines to put comments as a parameter for etp. I'll go into this and try to make attachments with etp too.