Forum OpenACS Development: Response to How about an OpenACS wiki?

Posted by Kapil Thangavelu on
Using Wikis would definitely help with documentation. once you get
used to the editing format, wikis seem almost magical, because they
help generate content so quickly.

i'm coming from a zope perspective, where all new proposals and
documentation are implemented via wikis. check out for an example.

if people are interested in this idea, i've setup an openacs
playground wiki with some skeleton information at

i've created it with anonymous writing capabilities, feel free to
edit it and play around with it.

i cut n pasted the dispatcher spec and did a little bit of work
editing the start of it.

if the powers that be are interested, i'll volunteer to setup an a
zope server with ZWiki on a subdomain, i can also restrict editing
to users of this site if access to the postgres db is
given (via LoginManager). once its setup it requires no access to
the box to maintain.

the format for Zwiki is based on structuredText, which can be used
to generate documentation in a number of formats.

if some aren't keen on editing via the web, zope wikis can also be
edited via ftp (and in emacs via ftp).

i think that this would help alot by enabling everyone to start
contributing to the documentation.