Forum OpenACS Development: Response to How about an OpenACS wiki?

Posted by Don Baccus on
First of all - stuff like the ACS Platform list, the stuff Edmund Lian  has posted about Debian etc can be uploaded to  That's where I'm maintaining the volunteer list, not via posts to the bboard forum (other than my first post, I realized a file would be better when I updated it, and posted a pointer instead).

So - give things obvious names and stuff them into file-storage.  File storage supports comments so people can comment on contents.  If you want to let other folks edit the file, just give registered users write permissions.

No, it isn't as convenient for editing as a wiki, not by a long shot.  But being able to add comments without editing the file is nice.

We all know that file storage as it exists in openacs3.2 sucks in many  ways (can't change permissions on folders, etc).  If you've never used it now's your chance to see just how bad it is first-hand!

(is 4.x any better?  I've heard rumours of poor performance but how about the 4.x file-storage UI?  Can you actually do the things people want to do with files?)

If we were to establish a wiki I'd much rather do it using something that would run on this box rather than elsewhere.  All important shared information about project should live in one place.

I share Roberto's concern, too.  Wikis can certainly be just as hard to dig around through as a forum.  That's why files posted for comments and possibly editing by others seems like a good approach for  things that we actually want to see written down and and eventually worked into the doc set that ships with the package.

So - which of you wiki fans is going to write a wiki module for OpenACS 4.x?  It could be just-another-interface to the content-repository, you know?