Forum OpenACS Development: Response to How about an OpenACS wiki?

Posted by Albert Langer on
A wiki module actually integrated with OpenACS would be really neat!

Could also be possible to enhance existing Wiki concept by using some of the other features available within OpenACS eg to provide auto-cvs
versioning etc and/or use the journalling stuff in kernel and mail notifications to solve some of the very real limitations of wikis that have been mentioned.

But I thought Edmund's suggestion was more about something immediate to help structure snippets of information people can contribute faster and easier than they could contribute to fully structured web site or formal documentation - with things that are less ephemeral and unstructured than bboard postings. These can then separately be re-organized into web site and formal documentation (via cvs, sdm, file storage, whatever) as and when time is available.

Anyone with the skills to write a new wiki module for OpenACS right now is likely to be busy on porting etc. Likewise people too busy
to either hunt down info about what's going on through bboard on the one-hand or re-organize it into more structured and stable form on the other right now.

Agree it should be on the same box:

a) To ensure it's backed up along with the rest (I sure hope the rest is being backed up daily ;-)

b) To emphasize control by core team as part of single project.
(Someone from core team should be in charge of it - the
"RecentChanges" link shows "what's new" to solve Robert Mello's
problem for knowing what's changed when doing more structured
documentation, and for re-organizing etc by whoever manages it).

Kapil's "sandbox" demo has shown that it can be done very quickly and easily.

So why not just install that under separate subdomain on Ben's box
with handover to Ben or whoever Ben designates rather than wait for a properly integrated new module to be developed? Label it clearly as
an informal work in progress to avoid confusion with "official" info.

Presumably doesn't need root access for Kapil to just install it on a temporary account on main box with link from to something like:

BTW the "structured text" initially *looks* no easier than writing to text box like current bboards. But once you start it turns out that you can format and link *much* easier than by adding HTML tags (and of course can still use favorite editor and paste it in).

Links can also of course go between wiki and bboards as usual.