Forum OpenACS Development: Response to How about an OpenACS wiki?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Uhhh, Albert, where did I say that if a wiki were to be put up on this  box that it would have to wait for a 4.x wiki module?

I merely through that out because I've heard fans of wikis gush and gush over them and wanted to point out that a wiki-like UI on top of the content-repository wouldn't be that hard to write.  Someone should  do it - after the port's over, of course.  As you point out, a wiki-like package integrated with OpenACS4.x would have some real advantages over simpler implementations.

I think Roberto's concerns are valid, though ... I haven't really heard a good response.  Someone (and I think he's thinking it could end up being him, which is probably why he's concerend) would have to mine the wiki for stuff to put into docs later.

I would much rather have Edmund write up his information on Debian packages as a short doc and file it with a nice, expressive title rather than bury it in some wiki somewhere.  Among other things this would encourage him to take the time to structure the information in a reasonable way.

Incorporating other peoples efforts at writing decent doc pages - even  if they don't do the SGML part, just the content part - will be much easier than mining a wiki for those hapless souls who've offered to help with documentation.