Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: When will OpenACS de-support AOLserver 3.x?

Posted by Richard Hamilton on
OK, now having read tip51 I realise that I cannot claim not to have had ample notice of this development!

However, I am clearly not the only one using nsunix, and the two compelling reasons commonly cited for continuing to use ad33.13 with Jerry's patches are:

1) Independent server threads which means:
    i) Can restart each independently of the others
    ii) If one crashes for some reason (which does happen) it doesn't bring all of your sites crashing down with it.

2) Ability to log traffic by domain - essential if billing for bandwidth based on the server request logs.

I for one would be really grateful if someone who has implemented virtual hosting with Aolserver v4.0 can clarify whether or not these needs can be satisfied with v4.0. That would remove the obstacles to upgrading.

Andrew very kindly posted a comment on bugtracker:

'Richard, I don't think what you're saying about virtual servers is accurate. AFAIK, AOLserver 4.0 can do everything with virtual servers that 3.x, plus more. The "more" is the 1 process virtual server model, of course, but nothing forces you to do it that way. Again AFAIK, no virtual server functionality was lost with 4.0, only additional functionality gained. (I have not actually done it myself, but that's my understanding.) If you haven't already, try nsvhr/nssock first, not nsvhr/nsunix. nsunix has always been trickier and not very well supported.'

Has anyone actually done this yet? If not, looks like I'll be doing it and posting the results!!

Also, does anyone know when nsopenssl is going to become a released version?

In the meantime, while there are obstacles, and while applications such as the Project Manager are still developing at a rapid rate, it would be a shame to create major issues for people because of very minor syntactic incompatibilities. I do understand however that we would be better off exploiting Aolserver's built in internationalisation support asap.