Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to CVS Version of 3.2.5

Posted by Roberto Mello on
No. Releases are made through CVS only hosts the CVS tree for 3.2.x. The 4.x tree is hosted at

Here's a report:

I am still writing the last pieces of the upgrade-openacs-3.2.4-3.2.5 script (committed a bunch of ecommerce stuff and for other modules yesterday). I still need to include things to upgrade portals and other modules whose data model was changed.

I was able to apply part of the Intranet patch (not commited yet). But 4 or 5 files came up with rejects so I am still working with Chris Hardy on that.

And there's new-file-storage to uploade new-file-storage-defs.tcl (hint, hint).

I know there are a lot of folks anxious to get their hands on 3.2.5. We are too! But we are trying to ensure we'll have a good product released, so have a little more patience please.