Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS with virtual hosting

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
I don't know what the maintainer (Robert Segall, presumably) of the Pound website was smoking when he wrote that "don't do virtual hosting" stuff above, as AFAICT it is nonsense. If you're going to do virtual hosting based on the HTTP "Host:" header, Pound (or one of its competitors) appears to be the ideal place to do that.

Btw, I hear that Pound is excellent, lots of folks here who should know use and are happy with it. Also, a while back they also fixed the "HTML streaming" problem pretty quickly after some folks here or on the AOLserver list (I forget which) raised the issue, which was very pleasant. The fact that one of it's maintainers appears to have a few blinders on when it comes to host based virtual hosting shouldn't do any serious harm...