Forum OpenACS Development: Re: New Installation Question

Posted by Raul Rodriguez on
I did this:
sudo su - postgres

psql -p 5432 openacs

and I got connected to the interactive terminal
I then stopped and started aolserver and still had the same problem.

When I did my install I only installed postgres8.2 per the installation instructions.

I do know that when I use all default values, everything works; however, I dont want the default database user name.

Posted by Raul Rodriguez on
I also missed mentioning the error log shows a different error:

[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Notice: Database API: Default database (dbn) is: 'default'
[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Notice: Database API: Using ALL database pools for OpenACS.
[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Notice: Database API: The following pools are available for OpenACS: pool2 pool3 pool1
[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Notice: dbdrv: opening database 'postgres:localhost:5432:openacs'
[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Notice: Opening openacs on localhost
[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Error: Ns_PgOpenDb(postgres): Could not connect to localhost:5432:openacs: FATAL: Ident authentication fa\
iled for user "foo"

[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Error: dbdrv: failed to open database 'postgres:localhost:5432:openacs'
[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Warning: Database API: couldn't allocate a handle from database pool "pool2".
[13/Sep/2008:16:03:40][11244.3083901120][-main-] Error: Database API: RDBMS type could not be determined for any pool.