Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OT: Best home-office router?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Looks like Jerry's wish already came true some time ago. Since it runs Linux, many people have been hacking the Linksys WRT54G. Sveasoft's alternate firmware gives you ssh and a whole lot of other stuff, and appears to be quite popular. (Googling showed that Cringely gave it some publicity recently too.) Apparently there are other Linux distros for the blue box too.

At least one guy is sort of running NoCatSplash from RAM (but not yet from flash) directly on his WRT54G. I think that's just the front-end though, I wonder if anyone is also running the back-end user/password stuff all on the WRT54G.

And now I'm wondering whether anyone's running the back-end all of and what sort of software it would take to chain two WRT54G's together in order to intelligently use two WAN connections - good bandwith sharing and automatic failover between both a cable modem and a DSL connection, for instance.