Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Setting up an OpenACS Foundation

Posted by Don Baccus on
For an organization like ours, Jade's post is most relevant.  Is the potential benefit worth the extra overhead?

People have been talking about this for about two years now.  At our Copenhagen meeting, the consensus was "we're not ready".  At Heidelberg this spring, consensus was "we should do it this year".  While many community members weren't at either meeting, of course, I think those who are considered community leaders were quite well represented.

We're bring this forward, though, to see how the community at large feels about taking this step.

Along with Jeff's short list, it would be convenient to have a legal entity that can, for instance, sign up for booth space at conferences.  Right now Talli signs us up for LinuxWorld in his name whenever he thinks about it.  We're reaching the stage where it would seem to make sense to be able to do such things in a more organized way rather than be dependent on the good will and timely thinking of individuals.