Forum OpenACS Q&A: URL vars

Posted by Anny Flores on
I want to know how to export vars from one page to another when this ones are too big or too many. Rigth now I'm using ?variable_name=variable.

Any help I'll aprecieate it.

2: Re: URL vars (response to 1)
Posted by Guan Yang on

You should look up export_vars in the documentation. Example:

set foo "bar"
set url [export_vars -base some-other-url {foo}]

(If you leave out -base, it will just return the part after ?.) You can also include more than one variable, and even name then differently:

set x 3
set y 8
# We want to call x "z"!
set url [export_vars -base some-url {{z $x} y}]