Forum OpenACS Development: Response to How about an OpenACS wiki?

Posted by Ben Adida on
I've been absent from this Wiki thread, which has caused some
excessive flameage to be sent Don's way... Now I will enter the
discussion and attempt to share some of the abuse that Don
has single-handedly taken on :)

I haven't used Wikis, but the descriptions given here don't
convince me that a wiki will enable us to do *anything* better
here at OpenACS. Even with a significant amount of time spent
looking at and porting ACS 4.x code, I'm still not comfortable
commenting on certain pieces of it. I don't believe that such a
tool would be useful at this point in time, where the core port is
still under way, and where we're still figuring out how certain
details will work.

The communal documentation idea seems a better fit once we
have a *solid* handle on all of OpenACS 4, and everyone has
tried installing it a few times and has constructive comments to
contribute, rather than random ideas.

My vote on the wiki: we shouldn't spend core resources building
the architecture, or building the actual wiki content. Our time is
much better spent on the actual port, and answering these well-
formed questions that generate useful discussions.

My vote on the comments added to the doc pages: I think that's a
great idea. But again, what are you commenting on now? 3.x?
Sure, that sounds good. 4.x? What docs do people want to
comment on? There are discussion forums open to discuss
design, but there is little documentation to comment on right

About the uptime of is running
OpenACS 3.2.4 (pretty much vanilla install). I've had to restart it
manually 3 or 4 times in the past year, and that was before I got
Arjun to install Keepalive on the box. fails every
few months, and keepalive brings it back within 60 seconds. I
suspect the failures are due to driver issues that we've fixed over
time, and my failure to always upgrade to Don's latest patch.
We've had more network failures (ahem, Segnet) than we've had
OpenACS failures. So yes, OpenACS rocks.