Forum OpenACS Q&A: Books explaining ERP, CRM systems and related technologies?

Hej all,

I am wondering if someone here can recommend cookbooks, theory books
or any such material which can teach/explain things like ERP and CRM
systems, and how they are built. I am looking for something more than
a book for dummies. Any suggestions ...


One book that certainly overlaps into ERP is a book called "Bills of Material, Structured for Excellence" by Garwood. Structuring a bill of materials correctly can drive manufacturing companies absolutely crazy.

I found this book quite worthwhile:

What do you mean by teach?<br><br>
Just like with Oracle there's a series called SAP Press where you can
learn something on SAP. It's just a teeny tiny little bit per book
what you learn, because SAP is a giant.<br><br>
I met people who were basis programmers at SAP for more than 10 years
and they were not even able to use the system, they just knew their
snippets of interest.
Christopher B. Browne has a large collection of annotated links, among
them, "VIII. Business Oriented Computing", which includes stuff on
accounting software, RDBMS, SAP R/3, etc.:

Something in there might be of use to you.