Forum OpenACS CMS: Response to Status of comtemplation on CMS module

Posted by John Shields on

I'm anxiously awaiting a response to Don's question about the future of OpenACS CMS... ;)

I'm evaluating the different open source CMS systems that I've found and would like to put OpenACS CMS into the equation. I've narrowed my list to OpenCMS, MMBase, and Midgard. But I like OpenACS and would like to use it's CMS if that will be possible. I need the ability for VERY non-technical people to update pages on a regular basis along with proper workflow, permissioning, and check-offs.

I've looked at but I'm still not so familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the system from a programmer's perspective. So, could one (or several) of the more enlightened members of this community provide your best answers to the following:

  • Is the current ACS CMS going to be ported or re-written?
  • What it the most likely time frame of the first release of OpenACS CMS?
  • Why should I use OpenACS CMS vs. XXX (others listed above)?