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5: Re: Tcl Callbacks (response to 1)
Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Jade, I started with Bug-Tracker and Project-Manager because I thought that they were the most likely to work correctly; neither does at this point. ;-)

I am also worried about the complex procs involved in uninstalling -- not just the drop scripts. For instance, if a package does successfully uninstall (ie no obvious errors), it should show back up in the list of available packages to be installed. But it doesn't necessarily. (I need to reexamine this and post some better details; this is something I noticed a while ago.) I wonder if the caches aren't getting correctly updated. The proc calling cascade is certainly opaque and hard to troubleshoot.

6: Re: Tcl Callbacks (response to 5)
Posted by Jade Rubick on
Stan, please do post any bugs you find in the drop script for project-manager. I tested the drop scripts quite a bit while developing project-manager, and until recently, they worked for me. So I'd like to know of any issues you're having.

Please do post bugs on the APM too, if that's not working.

Basically: please be a squeaky wheel. This needs to change, and I'll put my action where my mouth is!