Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Big performance problem or very large numbers :-) ?

Posted by Dario Roig on
More problems of performance in our environment (I work with Agustin Lopez).

To show the homework portlet slow 15 seconds, with developer support in on we have discovered that the "order by content_item__get_path .." the following select slow 10 seconds:

  coalesce(f.label, as name,
  fs_tree.live_revision as version_id,
  r.content_length, r.title,
  fs_tree.parent_id as folder_id,
  lpad(' ',(tree_level(fs_tree.tree_sortkey) - 1), ' ') as spaces,
  rels.related_object_id as homework_file_id,
  p.first_names || ' ' || p.last_name as file_owner_name,
  (select cr_items.*
  from cr_items, cr_items as cr_items2
  where cr_items2.item_id in (5672685)
    and cr_items.tree_sortkey between
      cr_items2.tree_sortkey and tree_right(cr_items2.tree_sortkey)
    and tree_level(cr_items.tree_sortkey) > '2'
    and tree_level(cr_items.tree_sortkey) <= '2' + 1) fs_tree
  join acs_objects o on (o.object_id = fs_tree.item_id)
  left join cr_folders f on (f.folder_id = fs_tree.item_id)
  left join persons p on (p.person_id = o.creation_user)
  left join cr_revisions r on (r.revision_id = fs_tree.latest_revision)
  left join cr_item_rels rels on
    (rels.item_id = o.object_id and rels.relation_tag = 'homework_correction')
where not exists (select 1
                  from cr_item_rels
                  where related_object_id = o.object_id
                    and relation_tag = 'homework_correction')
and (o.creation_user = '3647094' or f.folder_id is not null)
order by content_item__get_path(fs_tree.item_id, null)

Some idea to solve it?