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4: Re: tDOM abstraction procs (response to 3)
Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
<blockquote> I see value in having the wrapper procs for generating xml.
What's the value you see in there?

<blockquote> I'm surprised XML-RPC doesn't generate XML with tDOM.
It looks like it just creates the XML from hard coded strings.
I just saw it. Scary, isn't it?

5: Re: tDOM abstraction procs (response to 4)
Posted by Nick Carroll on
The wrapper procs for parsing XML were initially written so that if the underlying XML parser were to change, then all the packages that depend on that parser would break.  Having the wrapper procs means you are creating a layer of abstraction, whereby if the XML parser changes, then you just need to change the binding code in one place as oppose to several places in different packages.