Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Status Report...

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
This is useful, but the Status Report says that some critical things
should be done by 4/16, and today is 4/18 :-)

Incidentally, can I suggest use of more internationally readable
dates, please?  Perhaps ISO 8601 format: 2001-04-16 for example?

On the usefulness of file-storage... if one could do

with no version_id and get the latest one, then a link to this on the
opening page of would be handy for newcomers.  As it is,
you have to browse the forums to discover that the status document
exists, then manually type in the file storage URL and navigate to it
to read the status.  Seems a bit awkward for something as popular as
the overall OpenACS4 project status?

The format makes sense to me (possibly excepting the date format!).