Forum OpenACS CMS: Response to Status of comtemplation on CMS module

Posted by Lars Pind on
Michael and others,

Thanks for your comments. I'm charged with improving the user experience of ACS5, and I appreciate your feedback. I'm already working along these lines, in fact, I'm going one step further, and designing a goal-directed UI, as opposed to a task-directed or an implementation-directed UI.

We will have different user experiences for different types of users. The web master needs a different interface than does a "content producer" (I hate that term), an editor, or a graphic designer. I'll give them those.

Michael Feldstein, can you explain more clearly what you're talking about when you're saying "the folders metaphor"?

Are you talking about the fact that the whole UI is structured around a tree-view thing? You can count on me getting rid of that. But if you're talking about the CMS concept of folders, basically corresponding to the slash-separated directory things in a URL (, my experience is that a web master, still cares a lot about those, whereas a content producer don't.

I appreciate your feedback.