Forum .LRN Q&A: Possible to define an admin group in dotLRN?

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
Is it possible to define a dotlrn-admin group that has exclusive rights to administer all classes and groups?

How could this be implemented?

Don was so kind to take a look at it:
- it's all properly permissions driven
- they need to have "dotlrn_admin_community" permissions
- there is no UI at present for this purpose
- unclear how it should be with communities, maybe changing otlrn/tcl/community-procs.tcl to give explicit rights
- group would be created in the dotlrn SQL create scripts
- perhaps some custom fiddling of permissions in the dotlrn/tcl/community-procs.tcl scripts

Has anyone tried or implemented this already or an idea on how this could be implmeneted?

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Posted by Hector Amado on
I am implementing this because we need it for our sites.

I've done this:

    - create a new dotlrn-admin group
    - this group has "admin" permissions on dotlrn
    - add a new UI to create/remove dotlrn-admins

I am working on community permissions, i will post a test-site this week for ideas.

Best regards,
Hector Amado
Posted by Hector Amado on
I've done several things:

  .LRN Site Wide Administration
      -  Administrators UI
      -  Edit community parameters

  I created a new group, dotlrn-admin, this group has permissions on
  dotlrn only. Users in this group can create users, classes,
  communities, etc...
  dotlrn-admin users does not have Site Wide permissions.

  - Users
    I removed  site-wide admin toggle

  - Edit community parameters
    There are new parameters for group administration. (classes, communities)

  Try it here:
  Site Wide user:    pass:  test
  dotlrn-admin user:  pass:  test
  professor:    pass:  test

  Please test it, create users, classes, etc ...
  Please post any comment, bug, suggestion in this thread or email.