Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Xowiki calendar offering ancient navigation?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
here is another problem of this category: search.

Googlebot loves search and iterates over all pages offered (it searches e.g. /search/search?q=confusion&search_package_id=&offset=1300). I counted 50 google searches in the last 30 seconds. Maybe the initial query happens, when someone posts a search query to a forum or to a public site.

For now, i have deactivated search for the googlebot on Since every information found via search should as well be found via navigation, there should not be a significant loss of visibity on google. Counterexamples might be file-content, only exposed via search. If people think differently, i have no problem to take this small change back.

Posted by Brian Fenton on
I hope you're right Gustaf. I do all my OpenACS searching using Google as I have found the results from an OpenACS search not to be the best.

But let's see how it goes,