Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Brief OpenACS4 installation guide

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on

Tom Jackson wrote:

> It is frustrating to waste an hour or two figuring out the problem
> and installing the correct software. Only the truly interested will
> take the time to do it.

Right. I'm using what I have learned to build a set of binary RPMs... makes installing really really easy, on Red Hat 6.2 at least. Stay tuned... Vinod's doc helps but, as you say, there are still a lot of steps and gotchas.

I looking at this from the standpoint of starting without any form of OpenACS... so I can ignore the wrinkles of trying to run two versions of PG and two versions of OpenACS on the same machine at the same time.

Bear in mind, OpenACS 4 is definitely not a production working system at this point -- it is for experimenters who by definition do have some interest in it. Having said that, I think we can do a lot to minimize the installation pain of many or all of the pieces. I'm trying to do exactly that for Red Hat users... more info in a day or two, I hope. Maybe even later today.