Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Expected non-db overhead time on an OpenACS page?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Hard to say, and I haven't looked at how much memory each AOLserver thread takes up with the latest OpenACS. My fairly un-informed guess is that 5 is probably fine for a Dev server but might be a bit low for any public Production server. Maybe 10 would be a better default value.

The important thing is probably to set the threadtimeout to something reasonable, the default of 120 s is just horrible for most people using OpenACS.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
Threads are pretty fat -- It looked like roughly 12-20MB per thread if you install all the packages (it's less for just the core). I think leaving it at 5 with a BOLD comment that it should be increased for production sites on dedicated boxes is probably the right answer.

Actually the right answer is to get ttrace working which would decrease that footprint and thread create times immensely, but I tried and did not manage it. I am sure Zoran would help though.