Forum OpenACS Q&A: Which software versions?

Posted by Brad Punt on
What you need to run OpenACS

The docs indicate AOLServer version 3 is required. Does this mean the
latest version, 3.3.1 is not supported?

I came across a post that indicated AOLServer should be downloaded
from because it has been optimized for ACS. My quick
review of the docs did not confirm this. What is the correct

The docs indicate PostgreSQL version 7 is required. Does this mean
the latest version, 7.1 is not recommended?


Posted by Don Baccus on
The AOLserver situation's a bit muddy at the moment.  The version most of us run  is AOL3.2 + aD12 (arsdigita patch kit available at their website).

On the other hand, AOLserver 3.3.1 includes some memory leak fixes recently discovered and fixed by the user community.  Rob Mayoff of ArsDigita is planning to release an ad13 patch kit for AOL3.3.1 shortly (AOLserver hasn't taken all of the aD bug fixes).

The bottom line is that AOL3.2+ad12 is probably your best bet for OpenACS 3.x - just run the Tcl 7.6 interpreter rather than the Tcl 8.3  interpreter (AOL 3.3.1 fixes a memory leak problem with Tcl 8.3 which many had never noticed due to using Tcl 7.6).

Don't let any of this make you nervous, we find AOL3.2+aD12 to be very  stable (my server's been up 161 days as I write this).

The docs are slightly out of date, OpenACS 3.2.5 (due "daily" as Roberto slurps yet new fixes into the code base) will run under PG 7.1 (which itself was only release a week or so ago).  OpenACS 3.2.4 mostly runs under PG 7.1, there are a handful of queries (literally "less than ten")  that need massaging.

OpenACS 4.x will *only* run under PG 7.1 and better, so you might as well get started with PG 7.1.

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on

Somewhat unofficially, I'm trying to provide one way of answering this issue by creating a suitable collection of Red Hat RPMs.

See or look in to see how far I have got with this.

I'm using AOLserver 3.2+ad12 until 3.3.1+ad13 emerges.

Posted by Brad Punt on
Thank you for your responses. The info was exactly what I was looking for.