Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to lynx, cookies and ACS sessions

Posted by Connie Hentosh on
I took a look at the arsdigita site using It seems that now there is only one cookie and it is URL encoded. It works with Netscape but breaks with lynx for different reasons. For some unknown reason when I use lynx going through httpMonitor.. it hangs on the request to the ars site (Never receiving a response to the HTTP request.) If I don't go through the proxy and then enter the forum and click on "ask a question" After getting the login screen and loggin in I receive the following:

Problem with Your Input

   to ArsDigita

   We had a problem processing your entry:
     * You must supply a value for topic

   Please  back  up  using  your  browser,  correct it, and resubmit your
   Thank you.

So that is different... but I still can't see the cookie since httpMonitor does work.

Anyone have a recommendation on a debug proxy that does a good job of printing out cookies and headers and the such? I am not convinced that httpMonitor is transparent to the session since there were some issues of Netscape not redirecting correctly.