Forum OpenACS Development: Aolserver and Windows Services for UNIX

Anyone tried the combination?  AOLServer can't (so far) compile under Cygwin, but has anyone tried to do that under SFU?
you mean AS4x, isn't it?
I remember that AS3x worked on cygwin ....
Posted by Andrei Popov on
Regardless of version, really.  4 would, naturally, be nicer.

I doubt AS3x could compile under Cygwin without major PIA, though.  Cygwin Tcl is a very-very much a hack: I don't remember the details but it is sort of a mix of Windows and UNIX stuff (i.e. it is impossible to compile Tcl distribution tarball of any release under Cygwin, let alone compile it with threads).

Posted by Don Baccus on
Why don't you just run AOLserver natively?

I think PG for windows is in beta at this point.

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
I always recommend running AOLserver natively on Windows.

Windows Services for UNIX was recently discussed on the AOLserver mailing list.  I don't think anyone has managed to get the thread-enabled Tcl compiled on it yet.

I think PG 7.5 is not officially in beta yet, though the PG sources now compile natively on Windows, and nightly binary builds are available:

I tried an OpenACS install with a nightly build a few weeks ago but it wouldn't work out of the box and I haven't had time to investigate.  I do remember thinking that the error looked more like a 7.4 -> 7.5 incompatibility than a Windows issue.