Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Volunteers to test OpenACS/AOLserver/PG7.1 RPMs wanted

Thanks for the feedback Dave! I've updated the text file to include the fact that you need the postgresql-tcl RPM too.

Regarding the port number, if you want it on port 80 you can edit the file /etc/aolserver/nsd.tcl -- just change the statement on line 14 from

set httpport 8000


set httpport 80

and restart aolserver. The reason we set it to port 8000 by default is (I believe) so that you can install and run it "out of the box" even on a system which already has Apache running.

BTW, a version for openacs 3.2.5 based on the latest CVS code appears to work here ... I need to coordinate with the team, but it would be great if we can release this at the same time that the openacs-3.2.5 tarball is released :-)