Forum OpenACS Development: Want to render subsite in subsite instance specific default locale if user has no locale preference

The title pretty much says it all. If I have a subsite for German content I want users with no preferred locale to see it in German until they override this by specifying a site-wide or per-user-per-package level locale.

I notice that the i18n-requirements.html OpenACS document in point 20.10 says "get locale associated with subsite or package id". There is nothing to say this is not implemented.

I can also see that acs-lang understands the concept of a package level default locale (apm_packages.default_locale, all NULL in my installation). Setting the default_locale to something like de_DE makes no difference to the rendering of the subsite for new or existing users.

The docs don't make it clear (I'm in a hurry, perhaps I'm not reading them closely enough) if this subsite level default locale will affect rendering of child packages of the subsite, which is what I want.

I don't wish to reinvent the wheel or implement this in a way that I have to back out later, and I'm hoping this feature exists and I can use it without coding. However I have a time line to follow and will force this to do as I want tonight if I can't resolve it "correctly".

All thoughts on this are definitely welcome! :)

Ximon: I'm surprised nobody has responded to this. Is there no way to customize particular subsites?