Forum OpenACS Development: Response to ACS 4 Module Services: Whats New, Merging Users, etc

What admin interface for ACS4?

;)  No, seriously, many of the admin pages in ACS 4.x are seriously
weak and un-scaleable.  For example, many seem to use select boxes to
pick lists of users, where the select lists shows all users on the
system.  For a real hoot, try going to the "/permissions/" page.  Then
try going there again AFTER you've loaded the Places module.  Trying
to display all 90000 Places objects on the /permissions/ page works
well only as a way to crash Netscape...

As a quick hack to avoid ever using the /permissions/ page, I've been
sticking links like:

  "/permissions/one?object_id=0" site-wide admin permission


into the upper-right "out of flow" position in my admin pages.

Of course, none of the above sins against scaleability should be
particularly hard to fix - I just haven't had the time to do it yet on
my own projects.  What Carl and Don are talking about above, on the
other hand, is a genuine design problem that'll probably take some
real thought to solve nicely.