Forum OpenACS Q&A: Problems faced with Redirect package

  I installed openACS5.1. But I am facing some problem with Redirect package.
Suppose from the main site I want to link to more than one site

Say I want to create application Yahoo, Google, openACS etc.

What I am doing is clicking add new application and then it's asking for

Application name
URL folder

I am doing like
Application      Redirect
Application name  Google
URL name

If I do the same thing with different name it's not taking from second time. For e.g. first time it's able to create and link to google site. But I do the similar operation for yahoo, it's saying

Problem Creating Application
We had a problem creating the application.

Kindly help me out of this problem?

Waiting for an early response.

Thanks & Regards,

Posted by Jade Rubick on
Please post this as a bug. I'm not sure who's in charge of the redirect package, but hopefully they'll respond to it here, or in the bug-tracker.
Posted by xx xx on
You should NOT CREATE redirect a second time (link: create new appplication). Just MOUNT Redirect again (you can use the input boxes at the end of the site map). Redirect will work as expected.
Posted by Jade Rubick on
I think this is still a bug. Users may not realize that they can't create a second redirect. The package should either not allow this, or show a better error.
Posted by Jarkko Laine on
Yeah, please file a bug. I managed to mount another redirect instance even through "Create new application" link in site map. The site is from some development branch of OpenACS 5 (never updated to 5.0 or newer).