Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Debian package of .LRN

Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
<blockquote> Your package depends on the 'official' debian package of
aolserver. But OpenACS relies on a patched version of
aolserver, ie it needs

- the patch that makes ns_uuencode work for binary files

- the patch that makes AOLserver respect the -g flag

Could you add references to these patches?
Shouldn't they be in the Debian package anyway?
If they are not it's time to submit bugs and patches to the Debian maintainer.

Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
That patches that Eric commented were for aolserver-3.x so they are not needed in the aolserver4 Debian package.

I've been using the Debian package of aolserver4 (aolserver4, aolserver4-nscache, aolserver4-nsopenssl, aolserver4-nspostgres and aolserver4-nssha1) for more than two months both in production and development with success, so please try it and report any problems to the Debian bug tracking system.