Forum OpenACS Q&A: Least painful install of Oracle 9 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 3

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Any advice on the least painful version of Oracle 9 to install for Redhat ES3 ?


I think the least painful version of Oracle to install is Postgres 7.4 :)

Sorry, couldn't resist!

I recently installed 9.0.4 on RHEL ES 3.0 without losing too many limbs. I have notes on what RPMs I needed, although I wasn't working on a fresh install as someone had had a bash at it before me!
contains a detailed set of instructions that are easy to follow and outline all of the errors that you get (and how to fix them) when installing Oracle9iR2.  The only difference between R2 and R4 is that you should get less errors with R4 and then you don't have to patch them.