Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Support for multibyte: .tcl ok .adp not

Posted by Gaizka Villate on
You can use the templates by changing just one line in ad_return_template:

This line:

eval "uplevel { ns_write "$http_header[ns_adp_parse -file" $fully_qualified_template_filename"]" }"
for this couple of lines:
 set content_type "text/html"
 eval "uplevel { ns_write "$http_header[ns_startcontent -type $content_type][ns_adp_parse -file "$fully_qualified_template_filename"]" }"
It works for latin1 characters, i guess it will be the same for Big5.

Now, could you please ask me a question?
I asked in his thread ( ) if anybody could post his configuration of a working system. Could you please tell me how have you compiled POstgreSQL, if your tables are created as Unicode, and what encoding system are you using within AOLserver?

I'd really apreciate it. If you read my question in the thread above, i've got problems with upper/lower chars.

I don't even know if Big5 has anything similar to upper/lower chars, but if it does, are they working for you?

Anyway, could you post your configuration schema?

Thanks a lot.