Forum OpenACS Development: cache isn't updating when moving a message in forums

When you move a forum message to another forum the cache of the target forum doesn't update, therefore you can't access the moved message neither in the source nor in the target forum

I solved this proved added next source in line 73 on www/moderate/move.tcl file:

<u>actual code</u>
#update initial forum: decrease thread_count, approved_thread_count and max_child_sortkey, update last_post
db_0or1row forums::move_message::select_data_forum_initial {}
db_dml forums::move_message::update_forum_initial {}

<u>Code added after these lines</u>
cache flush "messages,forum_id=$forum_id*"

Index: move.tcl
RCS file: /web/cvsrep/dotalf/packages/forums/www/moderate/move.tcl,v
retrieving revision
diff -r1.1.1.1 move.tcl

# DRB: Black magic cache flush call which will disappear when list builder is
# rewritten to paginate internally rather than use the template paginator.
cache flush "messages,forum_id=$forum_id*"