Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS on Win2K

Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
Oh, it would definitely be stable enough for development work. I would not do that, though. Cygwin provides a reasonably large number of the standard unix tools (haven't tried em all), but I'd rather have a full Unix environment. Also, as soon as you start interacting with the 'outside world' you'll run into platform dependant things. Like filenames, file handling (try rotating a log on win32) a lot of things are subtly different.

I would go for VMWare. I use it a lot already, and for text mode apps you don't need very much CPU horse power. Just memory. Lots of memory, I have 384MB at work. My 256MB at home usually doesn't cut it, although my home machine is a lot faster (700Athlon/Asus compared to 533PIII/Dell). I would do it the otherway round, though: A linux guest on Win2k host. I have experienced some rather large performance differences, between the two, mainly because Windows sucks. It's memory allocation mechanisms don't play nice with VMWare, Linux runs much, much smoother in VMWare than Win2k (even when using X).

Keep your VMWare guest OS lean and mean, and even Postgres will run like lightning (give it some RAM..). Another extremely nice feature of VMWare is 'undoable disks'. Just run your Postgres /DATA in such a disk and you can restore to a base platform by simply discarding a session. Very nice for setup/upgrade testing.

Comming back to ACS on Win2k. I wanted to see if it could be done. It can. If we are to support this (waaaay too early for me), it should be properly documented first. Again I am fairly certain there are all kinds of nasty Win32 snares.