Forum OpenACS Development: Response to ACS 4.x won't scale (I hope I am wrong)

Posted by Bryan Quinn on
I have been following this thread with interest. I am just now starting to look at parties/permissions/groups with intent to specify requirements and design for the system. My plan is to identify a minimally useful set of requirements over the next two weeks. I will be talking with several developers here directly to understand the issues. Anyone who wants to put something on the table, please followup to this thread or contact me directly.

I appreciate the constructive suggestions being posted here, and to echo what Yon said, we are committed to making permissions scale. Overall, there seems to be support for the requirements and the API. If anyone thinks the requirements or API are missing something, please post the specifics. Likewise, if you think it is overengineered or does more than it should at the cost to other parts of the system.

The problem appears to be in the current ACS 4.2 implementation. If we can find common patterns that lead to improved Oracle and Postgres data models, I'll be ecstatic.