Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS on Win2K

Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
As I have had more-recent-than-the-windows release hardware since, oh, 1996, I have (unfortunately) always had to stay with a rather recent version of Windows. Especially running M$ Visual C or Borland C Builder manages to crash a lot more often on older windows versions on newer hardware. Running '98 in the VMWare just hadn't crossed my mind yet (mind you, at work we can't as we are using it to test server applications with permissions and all), but VMWare would not have those problems.

I wasn't talking about disk performance, though. It seems that the SysMalloc()/SysFree() calls of [D]COM[+] are really inefficient within the VMWare client. That means that each time a VisualBasic app is splicing and merging strings CPU usage goes to 100%. 's probably got to do with allocating 'cleaned' memory pages, where the content is guaranteed to be all zeroes.