Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Volunteers to test OpenACS/AOLserver/PG7.1 RPMs wanted

Tom asked:
do you have a list of where the RPM installed everything and the usernames used to install Postgres, AOL server, and ACS. Also, how do I access /admin .

"Where things are" info is earlier in this bboard thread in my response to Dave Bauer. Also do remember that a quick rpm -ql openacs or rpm -ql aolserver will tell you exactly where every file is from the RPMs concerned. You can get that info before installing if you prefer, from a command such as rpm -qlp openacs-3.2.4-3.noarch.rpm. In other words, the usual approaches to getting such info from RPMs will work fine with my RPMs.

Username for PG is postgres (I didn't do that bit!). User name for aolserver and OpenACS files is nsadmin, group is also nsadmin. So no changes there from the community norms at all.

The default AOLserver server instance name is "default" if you just use aolserver solo, or is "defaultacs" once you install the openacs RPM. (This way installing openacs doesn't destroy a static AOLserver site someone has set up before getting into OpenACS).

The PG user and database name is acs. It's arguable that openacs might have been a better choice for that once I suppose.

I'll add this sort of info to the /usr/doc/openacs-3.2.5/README-rpm.txt file for the next release. I'm also working with Roberto on changes to the OpenACS install Guide relating to this, there is an SDM patch to the DocBook/SGML there now but the way the info is integrated in that patch is likely to change significantly... stay tuned.

I don't think there is anything special about access to /admin compared to the traditional install, that part of the instructions in the OpenACS Install Guide about making yourself a Sitewide admin still works fine for me.